Monday, December 7, 2009

The Story of Chi Chi Continued

My mom told me tonight that there is much more to the story about Chi Chi than she told me before; he was the best friend she ever had when she was six years old.

One day, not too long after Chi Chi was given to my mom to have forever, she decided that Chi Chi should come to school with her. She missed him so much when she was away from him all day and she was worried that Chi Chi missed her too. Mom convinced her mother that is was ok for Chi Chi to visit her first grade class because Mrs. Snodgrass, her teacher, said that maybe there could be a special day dogs could come to visit. Since Chi Chi was so special, and she knew he would sit quietly under her desk and not disturb anyone, she was sure there would be no problem. I guess that mom misunderstood the concept of “maybe there could be a special day” and took a little liberty with the facts because she was sure that as soon as Mrs. Snodgrass saw Chi Chi she would fall in love with him and realize how special he was. Mrs. Snodgrass was always so kind and sweet that mom was heartbroken when she sent her home with Chi Chi and expected her to come back to school without him. She cried all the way home and felt so sad and wondered why adults just don’t understand very well what is really really important. How could she go back to school after such a severe disappointment and why didn’t everyone understand that Chi Chi would be no trouble. Her mom said, “I didn’t think that the dog would be welcome at school but you were so convincing.” And there again was that lack of understanding that Chi Chi wasn’t just any dog and that he had feelings too.

To be continued

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