Friday, November 18, 2011

Zena"s New Friends

You go first Lady Olivia
Mon Cherie and Lady Olivia
My mom's new friend, Heidi, sent us these pictures of Lady Olivia and Mon Cherie using a Puppy Stairs ramp.  The first thing I thought was hey, "you two are on my ramp '.  I know that I am the star model for Puppy Stairs but I didn't realize that other puppies could actually have them too.
Practice makes perfect.

Look at me, nothing to it.
I'm going to ask my mom to ask Heidi if Lady Olivia and Mon Cherie would like to be friends and come over and play with Raphael, Zeus, Isis and me.  Our garden is so fun; it has rock paths to walk on and tall flowers and bushes for us to explore.  We are pretty careful to stay on the paths so we don't break off any flowers.  We love to chase each other and run through the flowers and shrubs which are all sized just right, compared to our sizes, to call it a forest.  Our very own secret forest.  

In the picture below you can see our beautiful garden forest just before the icy cold weather and winds came and took the blooms of our flowers.  We miss smelling our favorite blossoms but it is quite an adventure to walk through the foliage and brush a plant that is laden with rain drops and get a delightful shower.  I hope that Heidi will let Olivia and Mon Cherie come over and play with us.
Our special corner of our garden


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