Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is my moms first first attempt to film a video of us and we were thrilled to be the center of attention. If you watch carefully you will see that although I am the smallest I am the fastest, most courageous and the bravest one of all. Off course I hammed it up a little just for mom because she thinks I am all that.

We are used to modeling for my mom's business, and that is fun for sure but today was dog gone fur flying fun.

I hear we will be filming daily so please come back. We would like you to share your wonderful experiences of good times with us as well. We love all of the animal world so please share. We promise not to scare the cats, gerbils, snakes, rabbits, or any of Gods creatures away; we love them all so please ignore any barking because that is just our nature.

You can also find me twittering daily at

I love having new friends and I consider you one of them.




  1. Wow, for a first attempt, I say you did very pro like, BOL!!! You guys are feisty, not sure I'd wanna tangle with yas :) Great vid and great to get to know you!!!!