Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today we had a photo shoot to take my picture signing a pledge for the new "Raise a Green Dog" website. My birth mama Isis, daddy Zeus and my uncle Raphael were all there to watch. I did let them pose with me for a picture to put on my blog but did have to do a little nose pushing to let them know who the star is. My uncle Raphael was the first baby in this family and he thinks everything is about him. Sometimes he gets a little jealous and growls at me and that is when I call him uncle Scar like in the Lion King. Mom says not to worry about him because he is old and arthritic and sometimes grumpy. I think growling at me is a bit more than grumpy but mom just cuddles him and says, "we all love you Raphael." Grrrrr. Still, I am sure to stay out of reach so the growling doesn't tun into something more like a little nip or two. Mom says I am her little Zena my Kachina and sings a little song to me with those words so I know she likes me best. Still, my little warrior dog nature comes out when I need to be feisty when there is growling going on.

We really had fun but the others didn't see why it was so important to stay off the contract mom kept putting under my paw for my pawograph. Raphael wanted to lick it but mom said, "no Raphy, don't do that." Ha ha to you Raphy. Mom said we were all good puppies but I think I was the most important; after all I was the star. You can see my photo on

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