Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I want to thank all my new twittering friends for following my zenawarriordog twitter page and welcome all of you to my blog. I would love it if you would join as one of my followers and in return I would love to have an invitation to be a follower on all of your blogs.

I am so happy that I have made so many new friends and have asked my mom if I can do something nice for all of you. As some of you know I am the top model for http://www.puppystairs.com/ My birth mother Isis, my father Zeus and my uncle Raphael are models too but mom says I am top model because I am so special and have a dazzling personality. That is why she calls me Zena The Warrior Dog, I am cute and cuddly but spunky and spicey.

The surprise is that mom gave me permission to give all of you 10% off on all ramps and stairs on our Puppy Stairs, http://www.puppystairs.com/ To show your elgibility for the discount just put for the code # BLOG110 in when placing your order. I just love my Puppy Stairs and have so much fun playing on them and running up and down for photographs. You can see me at work in these pictures.

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