Saturday, June 27, 2009

Zena and Zeus go to the Groomers

Mom got the crazy idea that Zeus and I needed to go to the groomers today; definately not my idea of a good time. I just couldn't believe it when she handed us to these two ladies and walked out the door and left us. the ladies were really nice but I see absolutely no reason to have to stand there all that time being brushed, combed clipped and snipped.

Hmmm, looking at these pictures I must admit that we do look beautiful (me) and handsome (Zeus). Mom says we smell so nice and says she loves it when we are all clean and shiney. I did notice that Zeus went right out in the yard and rolled around, I think he felt a little more comfortable after that.


  1. You are both such good lookers!

  2. Hey Zena and Zeus,
    My mom says I have to go to the groomers soon too!
    NO! I like to have BIG HAIR and I know what's coming the dreaded summer shave down.

  3. Hi Zena and Zeus!
    If you are ever interested in a mini 100% wool version done of yourselves I make beautiful little wool sculpture replicas of sweet dogs just like the two of you! You are definitely a stunning pair!
    many Blessings