Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In Memory of Chi Chi (Final Episode)

The relationship between Chi Chi and my mom was so close that they were inseparable. Each day at 3:00 Chi Chi would sit on the stairs leading to the street from the house and wait for my mom to come home from school. Mom always ran all the way home filled with excitement to see her special friend and was greeted joyfully with puppy kisses. Some mean boys walked by every night and told mom that Chi Chi was mean and would bite her; that thought was totally incomprehensible to her.

Almost every night before dinner my mom's mother would send her to the corner store for items like milk and bread and Chi Chi would joyfully follow her. About half way home he would routinely lie down on the sidewalk and cry to be carried home so mom would put the groceries down on the grass parking strip, pick Chi Chi up and tenderly carry him home and then go back for the groceries. Her mom said Chi Chi was getting old and was tired at age 12 but mom didn't understand and thought that 12 sounded pretty young; after all, her mother was 30; that was old.

Sometimes when my mom was sad and felt like no one in the world understood how she felt, Chi Chi would quietly sit by her on the same stairs where he waited patiently every night for her to come home from school and be the greatest comfort to her. When mom would cry because of some injustice that had been heaped on her Chi Chi would gently lick each tear from her face and snuggle close. Mom felt no embarrassment or judgment from her precious pet and would bury her face in his fur and unashamedly sob out all her pain and heartaches. Mom said that she felt that God had sent Chi Chi to her and felt that he must love her very much to have given her such a magnificent gift.

Then one day mom’s world was shattered and her faith in God was rocked. When she came home from school for lunch her dad told her that the bull dog belonging to the neighbors that gave Chi Chi to mom had bitten him in the eye and since he was so old the Veterinarian thought it was best to put him to sleep. Mom said everything turned white and that she could hardly stand up the shock was so great. When the tears came the loss was even more profound because there was no Chi Chi to comfort her at this hour of her greatest heartache and need. She asked her dad if he thought that Chi Chi was in heaven and her dad said that if there was a doggy heaven that surely Chi Chi would be there. That was some small comfort because her dad was a minister and he knew about these things.

That afternoon mom’s dad held a little funeral service for Chi Chi in the back yard. Her beloved pet was wrapped in a little blanket, put in a shoe box and buried under the lilac trees in the back yard. Mom made a little cross with her dads help, painted Chi Chi's name on it and put it on the freshly dug grave.

It is said that you never forget your first love; mom says hers has enriched her life forever.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Story of Chi Chi Continued

My mom told me tonight that there is much more to the story about Chi Chi than she told me before; he was the best friend she ever had when she was six years old.

One day, not too long after Chi Chi was given to my mom to have forever, she decided that Chi Chi should come to school with her. She missed him so much when she was away from him all day and she was worried that Chi Chi missed her too. Mom convinced her mother that is was ok for Chi Chi to visit her first grade class because Mrs. Snodgrass, her teacher, said that maybe there could be a special day dogs could come to visit. Since Chi Chi was so special, and she knew he would sit quietly under her desk and not disturb anyone, she was sure there would be no problem. I guess that mom misunderstood the concept of “maybe there could be a special day” and took a little liberty with the facts because she was sure that as soon as Mrs. Snodgrass saw Chi Chi she would fall in love with him and realize how special he was. Mrs. Snodgrass was always so kind and sweet that mom was heartbroken when she sent her home with Chi Chi and expected her to come back to school without him. She cried all the way home and felt so sad and wondered why adults just don’t understand very well what is really really important. How could she go back to school after such a severe disappointment and why didn’t everyone understand that Chi Chi would be no trouble. Her mom said, “I didn’t think that the dog would be welcome at school but you were so convincing.” And there again was that lack of understanding that Chi Chi wasn’t just any dog and that he had feelings too.

To be continued


Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Story of Chi Chi - Photo of Zena and Jeanne

I have a very special story to write for my blog today. My mom told me about her first beloved dog that was named Chi Chi and how much that little dog meant to her as a six year old little girl. It made me so happy to realize how much my mom loves dogs and the best news is that I realized I am the most special puppy of all and that my moms life is so much happier and richer because of me.

When she was little my mom liked to dress her cat in doll clothes, put the kitty in her doll buggy, cover the cat with a doll blanket and skate around the block pushing the buggy.

One day while taking her kitty on a skating trip around the block in the buggy a Pekinese dog came down his front steps to the sidewalk and started following the procession. Mom was a little scared of him because the kids on this block said he was mean and would bite so it was with trepidation that she skated the two blocks home with the dog following her. She got home safely and when she looked in the buggy the kitty was still laying on his back wearing his baby sweater and bonnet and with his paws out over the top of the blanket just as he was when she tucked him in for the ride.

The next day the dog was waiting for her when she reached his house and the lady that owned him told mom that his name was Chi Chi. Chi Chi followed her home again and sat on the stairs going up to her house and whined until she petted him. She sat down by him and he layed his head against her leg and she petted him until her mom called her in for dinner.

The next day and everyday after that Chi Chi was waiting for her when she came home from school. From then on it was Chi Chi that got dressed in the doll clothes and taken for a buggy ride around the block every night.

When my mom was a little girl they didn’t have measles vaccine and my mom became seriously ill with the measles. In fact she was so sick that they had to call the doctor to come in the middle of the night because her temperature went up to 105 degrees. Chi Chi was so worried that he sat and scratched at the back door until her mom let him in. My mom was sick for two weeks and that little dog sat on a chair by her bed and would only get down to eat and go out for a potty break a few times a day and then back again on the chair to be close to her.

One day, not too long after my mom got well from the measles, she was skating around the block with Chi Chi all dressed up and tucked all snuggly into the buggy and when she came to Chi Chi’s owners house the woman came out to talk to her. Mom was scared because she was afraid that she was mad that she had Chi Chi with her so much and that she wanted him to stay home. Mom couldn’t believe her ears when she said “would you like to have Chi Chi? He won’t stay home anymore because he wants to be with you.” Mom was incredulous that anyone could possibly give up such a prize but quickly said , “yes, yes I do want him.” She skated home as fast as she could because she was afraid that the woman would change her mind and take him back since he was such a wonderful and precious pet. Mom said that was one of the happiest days of her life.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Zena develops Psychic Abilities

It all started with a day just like any other day except for one thing; upon awakening I realized that I suddenly had psychic abilities. Yesterday I was running around the yard with Zeus, Isis and Raphael chasing our favorite squirrel that we call bandit because he is always stealing all our nuts. We have a big English walnut tree in our front yard and that pesky squirrel always runs up the tree and drops nuts on our heads. I was so intent on catching Bandit by the tail that I crashed head first into the tree trunk and was knocked out cold. Mom put me to bed because I had a very bad headache and I didn't wake up until this morning when it got light.

The first time I noticed my new talent was when we went out in the yard to play this morning. Bandit was there as usual and all of a sudden I could hear him making fun of us and laughing at us in his mind. And then I could hear Zeus thinking that he would catch the squirrel and make him sorry that he had caused me to get hurt yesterday. Isis was just thinking that she wanted to go in and eat her breakfast and Raphael was wishing he wasn't getting so old because he surely would have been able to catch the squirrel in his younger days.

I would like to use my new abilities to help all my friends and for us all to all have fun at the same time. Just send me an email asking me a question at askzena@gmail.com and I'll use my psychic abilities to send you an answer. Please send a photo of you and your mom and or dad if possible.


Please check our blog often to hear about Zena's latest adventures with her new psychic abilities. Zena's greatest desire is to use her talents to help all of her animal friends and for everyone to have fun asking their questions.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Halloween to all my friends. I wish you could have all played with me on the pumpkins. Zeus, Isis, Raphael and I are all going to a pumpkin patch in the country when the sun starts shining again. I love my new Halloween sweater, it makes me excited for the pumpkin patch outing.

Happy Halloween to all. BOO!

Monday, August 24, 2009

UPS Brings Toys and Joys

Today was an exciting day for me because all the new toys and products came for mom's website http://www.puppystairs.com/. We get to keep a purple elephant toy and a very cool blanky. You can watch the video and see Zeus and me playing with the elephant. Isis and Raphael played with us too and jumped into the new nesting blanky with us and we all really had fun.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Photo Contest Winners

I was proud to have so many beautiful anipals join my photo contest and wish everyone could be a winner. The first place prize of a ramp goes to Saucie, Gaby comes in second to win a Puppy Stairs 1-Step and Halo and Nibblor as second and third runners up will receive Puppy Stairs Comfy Covers.

I would love to have everyone have Puppy Stairs, especially those friends that need them, so my mom said I can offer all my twitter friends a 15% off coupon for all our Puppy Stairs stock excluding only the close out sale items which are already marked down 20%. The coupon number to add during checkout is 077 and is good through Saturday, August 15th.

I'm happy to have so many friends and wish you all a happy weekend.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Join Our Photo Contest

I would like to invite all my twitter friends to enter our photo contest for a chance to win a Puppy Stairs Ramp. The winner receives a ramp, the first runner up will get a Puppy Stairs 1-step and the 2nd and 3rd will receive a Puppy Stairs Comfy Cover, valued at $20, which is beige on one side and leopard print on the other. All you have to do is email a recent photo to sales@puppystairs.com and my mom will post your picture on our blog along with all the other friends who entered. We invite all of our anipals to enter including bunnies, kitties, puppies, ferrets and any other pet that wants an easy way to get close and snuggle with their mommys.

The contest will run through August 7, and the contest winners will be posted on Saturday, August 8. You can view the contest photos on the right side bar here on our blog. You can vote here for your favorite photo and please tell you friends and family to come and vote too.

I can't wait to see all of your cute pictures. Don't be shy to have your picture taken, I have to pose all the time for my moms business and I really love to be a model.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

PawPawty Special for Twitterers

I welcome all my Kitten and Puppy friends to a special Pawpawty blog. Mom said I can say hi to all my Anipal friends and let you all have the opportunity to get a free present for your mom. My mom loves presents; I’m sure your mom does too.

Zeus, Isis, Raphael and I, as many of you know, are models for http://www.puppystairs.com/ . Mom says I can offer my friends 10% off any of our regular products and this is the best part; the first ten people that order a ramp or stairs get a complimentary slumped glass votive candle holder to give to their mom. All you have to do to receive the 10% discount is to enter code #007 when it asks for discount code and to qualify for the free slumped glass votive holder just DM my mom and whe will select the first 10 people who ordered to receive one of the beautiful candle holders shown in the photo above.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Zena and Zeus go to the Groomers

Mom got the crazy idea that Zeus and I needed to go to the groomers today; definately not my idea of a good time. I just couldn't believe it when she handed us to these two ladies and walked out the door and left us. the ladies were really nice but I see absolutely no reason to have to stand there all that time being brushed, combed clipped and snipped.

Hmmm, looking at these pictures I must admit that we do look beautiful (me) and handsome (Zeus). Mom says we smell so nice and says she loves it when we are all clean and shiney. I did notice that Zeus went right out in the yard and rolled around, I think he felt a little more comfortable after that.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just catching a few rays. Have to take advantage of every nice day in Seattle.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I want to thank all my new twittering friends for following my zenawarriordog twitter page and welcome all of you to my blog. I would love it if you would join as one of my followers and in return I would love to have an invitation to be a follower on all of your blogs.

I am so happy that I have made so many new friends and have asked my mom if I can do something nice for all of you. As some of you know I am the top model for http://www.puppystairs.com/ My birth mother Isis, my father Zeus and my uncle Raphael are models too but mom says I am top model because I am so special and have a dazzling personality. That is why she calls me Zena The Warrior Dog, I am cute and cuddly but spunky and spicey.

The surprise is that mom gave me permission to give all of you 10% off on all ramps and stairs on our Puppy Stairs, http://www.puppystairs.com/ To show your elgibility for the discount just put for the code # BLOG110 in when placing your order. I just love my Puppy Stairs and have so much fun playing on them and running up and down for photographs. You can see me at work in these pictures.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today we had a photo shoot to take my picture signing a pledge for the new "Raise a Green Dog" website. My birth mama Isis, daddy Zeus and my uncle Raphael were all there to watch. I did let them pose with me for a picture to put on my blog but did have to do a little nose pushing to let them know who the star is. My uncle Raphael was the first baby in this family and he thinks everything is about him. Sometimes he gets a little jealous and growls at me and that is when I call him uncle Scar like in the Lion King. Mom says not to worry about him because he is old and arthritic and sometimes grumpy. I think growling at me is a bit more than grumpy but mom just cuddles him and says, "we all love you Raphael." Grrrrr. Still, I am sure to stay out of reach so the growling doesn't tun into something more like a little nip or two. Mom says I am her little Zena my Kachina and sings a little song to me with those words so I know she likes me best. Still, my little warrior dog nature comes out when I need to be feisty when there is growling going on.

We really had fun but the others didn't see why it was so important to stay off the contract mom kept putting under my paw for my pawograph. Raphael wanted to lick it but mom said, "no Raphy, don't do that." Ha ha to you Raphy. Mom said we were all good puppies but I think I was the most important; after all I was the star. You can see my photo on http://www.raiseagreendog.com/

You can see me at work at http://www.puppystairs.com/

Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is my moms first first attempt to film a video of us and we were thrilled to be the center of attention. If you watch carefully you will see that although I am the smallest I am the fastest, most courageous and the bravest one of all. Off course I hammed it up a little just for mom because she thinks I am all that.

We are used to modeling for my mom's business, http://www.puppystairs.com/ and that is fun for sure but today was dog gone fur flying fun.

I hear we will be filming daily so please come back. We would like you to share your wonderful experiences of good times with us as well. We love all of the animal world so please share. We promise not to scare the cats, gerbils, snakes, rabbits, or any of Gods creatures away; we love them all so please ignore any barking because that is just our nature.

You can also find me twittering daily at https://twitter.com/zenawarriordog

I love having new friends and I consider you one of them.



Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hi I am Zena The Warrior Dog


I'm a little warrior dog. I'm so excited to have a new blog and hope to meet lots of new friends. All my dog and cat friends ask me why I am named Zena the Warrior Dog. The reason my mom nicknamed me that is because I am the feisty one in the family and I reminded her of Zena the Warrior Princess. I will forever be known as Zena the warrior dog and the best part is that I love living up to my name.

I'm off to visit other dog blogs and make new friends.

Your new friend,